The Job Pirate Drops

February 28, 2015: Launch Party Photo Gallery
Brandon’s launch party for his book, The Job Pirate, was held at Palihouse in Los Angeles, California on February 28th 2015, and was a wonderful success. The author and all of his guests had a wonderful time. Bleeding Heart Publications is very excited to see this book get the attention it deserves. Click through the slideshow to see the party in action.

Photo Credit: Hugh Hamilton

Brandon Christopher on The Job Pirate

Brandon ChristopherYou know, when I first started writing The Job Pirate, it was simply a way for me to document little snippets of my life at shitty jobs. It was strictly humor. But as the years went on, and I saw how screwed up this country has become, and how banks and oil companies started running everything, I realized there was a lot more to talk about. The Job Pirate then became like a worker’s survival guide for scoring a decent job with health insurance in this strange, new 21st Century. My own Generation X may be screwed, but the Millennial Generation is absolutely fucked. You have to acclimate or it’s adios time, friends. Be whatever you want to be, as many times as you want. That’s what being a Job Pirate is all about.

I knew I wanted to be a writer at the age of 15 after reading Hemingway and Salinger in school. Writers seemed to be the patron saints of outsiders and outcasts, and I was definitely a pariah in high school. The first thing I attempted to write was a script for the short-lived TV show “Sledgehammer,” then some terrible fiction stories followed. But then I discovered Charles Bukowski a year or so later, and I found a whole new literary world to explore—a world where the writer was the protagonist of his own stories, and the plot is simply life itself.

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