Legacy of Lost Things Hits Shelves

Photos from our launch party...
The launch at The Standard Hotel in Chelsea, New York on March 7th 2015, for Aida’s debut novel Legacy of Lost Things, was a huge success. Bleeding Heart Publications always had faith in this author and could not be more proud of Aida and Legacy. Click through the slideshow to see how much fun was had by all!

Photo Credit: Bri Johnson

Aida Zilelian on Legacy of Lost Things

Aida Zilelian

For years I resented being Armenian. My parents were extremely active in the community and it was quite an insular existence. I went to an Armenian elementary school that my father had helped established, as well as Armenian Saturday school and Sunday school at an Armenian church. Once I was old enough to completely remove myself from the community I did, and for years. It didn’t occur to me until much later that being Armenian was visceral. It crept into the melodies of the music I wrote, the music I listened to, the words that I eventually put on paper. It was inescapable and I grew to respect the reality of that. And it moved me to give it the honor it deserved.

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